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Inspiring Black, Indigenous, women of color to embrace their power and prosperity.

Leah Davis is a Wealth and Wellness Coach, speaker, domestic violence advocate, and fierce crusader for the economic empowerment of Black, Indigenous, women of color (BIWOC). She is frequently requested for her effortless ability to engage in meaningful conversations about money and for her holistic approach to financial wellness.

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I am Leah Davis

I support BIWOC to embody an abundance mindset through Wealth and Wellness Coaching. Together we design a foundation for you to experience a sense of freedom as you increase your financial knowledge and gain confidence in your decisions.

I work with organizations to create a safe space for people to better manage work and life by gaining clarity of how to reduce financial stressors and actualize financial empowerment. I will collaborate with you to customize solutions that work best for you and your organization.

Wealth & Wellness Services


Individual Coaching

An individualized and healing centered approach for BIWOC to realign their habits, behaviors and values with their desired financial outcomes.


Keynote Speaker

With an energetic approach to storytelling, Leah has the capacity to inspire BIWOC and BIPOC audencies to cultivate their financial well-being.


Workshops + Coaching:

Customized workshop topics for your organization and individual 1:1 financial coaching sessions. Includes specialized financial education and coaching for employees of color.

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Panel Discussion

Leah Davis is a captivating and influential panelist, she will effortlessly connect with your BIWOC community and increase engagement for your organization.


Coaching with Leah is a good place to start if you are looking for clarity about what you are doing with your money and the reasons behind it. Prior to coaching with Leah I was feeling depressed and lost. After a few sessions, I gained confidence in my ability to fulfill my dreams. Now I have healthy boundaries and I have decreased the fear I had to finish my book!
Before coaching with Leah I felt unsure about the steps I need to take as I prepare for retirement. After coaching with Leah, I have a plan that has action items for my retirement and I am also clearer on what steps to follow. I can put a name to my worries and I am not as afraid to deal with them, because Leah creates a trusting environment. Leah is non-judgmental and I always look forward to my sessions with her.
I recommend Leah to be on your next panel as a facilitator and participant! She keeps the energy high and her transitions to engage with everyone are seamless. Leah does an amazing job, because the conversation felt so natural and made discussing finances fun! All the students felt very comfortable engaging and that is not an easy task
Manager at Marcus Foster Education Institute
“Leah is great at supporting individuals who are curious about financial goals and planning to figure out those first or next steps to take. Her coaching is clarifying and helps people see the reasons behind their financial ambition and think through concrete steps to help them gain even deeper understanding and clarity. Highly recommend her services for those who want to address blocks they have around money, wealth, and earning potential and step up their financial planning game!”
Cynthia Pong
Embrace Change

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