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Embrace your Power and Prosperity

You have the power within you to eliminate feelings of toxic shame, unworthiness, and self-doubt as you create your wealth legacy. Sister, it is your sovereign birthright to thrive and enjoy life without being stressed out AF!

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Hey Sis!

I'm Leah Davis

I help women of color embrace a mindset of financial abundance through Wealth and Wellness Coaching.

On the Wealth side, we discuss your money management habits that may or may not be moving you towards the vision you have for your future.  This process designs a foundation for you to establish economic stability. 

Wellness coaching is a holistic approach that supports you with making the connection of the trauma you experienced from domestic violence and how it impacts your physical and emotional responses to making financial decisions.

Step Into Your Greatness

Leave Old Patterns Behind

Discover how to release and heal self-sabotaging behaviors and awaken the pure divinity within you. Build your wealth accumulation plan with effective accountability and a foundation of support, as you move through old money blocks and trauma, claiming your role as the sovereign empress of your life.

Ready to activate limitless potential?

You are the ambassador you’ve been waiting for.
You don’t find abundance, you are abundance.

Stand In Your Truth
No more playing it small. Shift into a confident Vixen who owns her voice, guilt and shame free.
Schedule a consultation
For one hour you can unload your worries, your deepest fears, and reveal your most heartfelt desires! I am here for you.
Personal Decree
Fully engage as you free your powerful soul and it’s dynamic intuition to guide you into a deeply fulfilling and peacefully abundant life.
Let The Good Times Roll
Enjoy your new-found inner sovereignty as you powerfully continue building your opulent life of luxury.

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