Workshops + Coaching


Workshops + Coaching

An excellent solution for financial education and individualized 1:1 coaching support for your organization. Workshops can be tailored for a specific audience.

  • Being In Financial Balance

    Financial well-being involves an awareness for people to have balance between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they gain clarity of their desired financial outcomes. It also includes having practical solutions in place for financial stability. When there is balance between these elements, individuals can have peace of mind and feel a sense of satisfaction as they become re-aligned with the vision of their future.

    Economic Mobility Educational Series

    Economic mobility curriculum teaches the necessary foundations for Black, Indigenous women of color (BIWOC) to achieve financial security. The foundations of financial security consists of positive cash flow, adequate savings, access to high quality credit, and insurance protection. Having a sufficient foundation creates a safety net for BIWOC to build and protect their assets such as their investment accounts, retirement savings and homes. Building and protecting these assets is a critical component to passing on generational wealth that many BIWOC deeply desire.

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