Speaking Engagements

Wealth coaching is my passion. I’m an authentic and dynamic motivational speaker. I use my expertise and personal experiences to connect with other women of color and survivors of gender-based violence. I share my journey as a way to educate, inspire, and support others as they create a life of abundance.

Signature Talks

Heal from Domestic Violence and Awaken Harmonious Wealth & Well-Being
A peaceful and prosperous life emerges for women of color when they courageously face the truth about the harm that has been inflicted upon them. Normalizing the conversation about domestic violence is a critical step to initiate a collective healing for women. When women release the anguish of fear and shame caused by trauma it opens the pathway for them to confidently step into their highest potential. 

Evaluate Your Financial Safety Net and Safeguard Your Business
Creating generational wealth includes business ownership, but women of color fall short with understanding how to properly secure a stable financial foundation.. Managing their personal finances is challenging and most women will start their business without realizing the financial risk they have put themselves in. Women avoid meeting with financial advisors, because of the shame they feel about their lack of financial knowledge and the lack of trust they have in the industry. Women can learn to evaluate their own financial situation and walk into the office of a financial advisor or financial planner with a good sense of what they need.