For the longest time, I compared myself to other people. I would yearn to have their lifestyle, career success, or their family life. Every year I made a goal to have a better life in one year, but when that one year was up my life wasn’t better — it was worse! I would think, “What do they have that I don’t?”. I felt like I was not good enough and I felt stuck.


It wasn’t until I began to heal from the years of abuse that had suffocated my spirit when I realized it was up to me to feel good. Slowly I began to appreciate what my life was like at that moment. I began to appreciate my body by eating healthier foods and exercising daily. I felt appreciation for being able to pay my bills and exhilaration for every dollar that went towards my debt. Prayer and meditation became my go-to “feel better now” habits.


Then the unthinkable happened, I got a taste of what it felt like to have a peaceful home environment and to feel peace within myself. This grounded peaceful feeling was a game-changer for me and I knew I was never going back to my days of self-inflicted suffering. You can choose to start feeling prosperous right now and here’s how.


Acknowledgment and Gratitude

You gotta rip that band-aid off and heal the wound. This begins when you lift the veil of denial and take a serious look at your life and who you want to be. Start your day with a few minutes of silently looking around you. Express appreciation for what you see even the smallest things, like having a warm bed to sleep in. The saying where your attention goes your energy flows is real! Choose where you tune in wisely.


Ask For Help

Healing from any sort of trauma will be a lot easier if you don’t do it alone. Trusting in other experts and professionals might take some time, but it’s possible. Connect with a therapist or coach with a proven holistic approach to helping people heal from trauma and abuse. BEAM is an excellent online directory specifically focused on the emotional and mental health of the black community.


Go Within

Prayer, meditation, and yoga are critical components to healing your mind, spirit, and body. If you find it impossible to stop that loop of fearful thoughts — you need to develop different neural pathways in your brain. We carry trauma in our body and those 3 healing modalities are key to regulating our bodies to their natural calm state. Embody Your True Nature an affordable online Facebook Group is a thriving community for guidance and support to heal & awaken the body, mind, and soul with daily yoga and meditation classes.