The Wealth Legacy Intensive – Leah Coaching

The Wealth Legacy Intensive

End financial sacrifice. Embrace your power and prosper.

8 or 12 weeks of coaching just for you...

You often feel like money slips through your fingers and you don’t know where it goes.

You repeatedly regret shopping and feel guilty for your purchase.

Family members call you for financial assistance, because you’re the one that “made it” and yet you still haven’t reached your goals.

You dip into your personal savings for your business and lose sleep because your emergency fund isn’t where you want it to be.

You hold back from meeting with a financial advisor, because you don’t trust the industry or you are too embarrassed about your lack of financial knowledge. 

You feel like you’re on a roller coast of money in and money out that stops your from feeling totally safe an in control of your life!

Imagine you…

Stop making hasty and uninformed decisions with your money that hinder your birthright of acquiring wealth and prosperity. You’ve developed powerful discernment about what is really going to serve you.

Kiss the irrational reasons that perpetually inhibit your authority to receive goodbye. Enjoy an opulent life of luxury, guilt and shame free NOW, while building your dream future.

Master your intuitive nature to stop second guessing yourself.

Learn to speak with conviction and confidence when making financial decisions that work for YOU.


Liberate your inadequacies of self-sufficiency and unleash the resilient warrior residing within you. You have a safety plan, accountability and a foundation of support as you move through old money blocks, claiming your role as the financial expert of your life.

Claim the Power and Safety You Deserve!

Move through reactive immobility and relieve the gut wrenching havoc your finances have on your well being. 

Now that YOU are in charge of your money instead of it ruling you, you feel safe, calm and courageous. There is SPACE to focus on you, your health and your joy.

Have crystal clear communication of financial boundaries that you unapologetically require your loved ones to uphold and respect.

You no longer feel like your family’s ATM and instead you can enjoy quality time with them without it always being a financial emergency. You no longer carry others at your own expense, releasing resentment and guilt.

What happy clients are saying...

Coaching with Leah was phenomenal and I recommend women to have a coaching experience with her! Leah has a positive vibe and attitude that helped me feel that I can do anything. I was starting to procrastinate in my work and Leah helped me get things done and make deadlines. I learned to not spend on things I don't need. I used to get side tracked and now I put more hard work into saving and not buying unnecessary things. She gave me the confidence and energy that I needed. Leah helped me trust myself and whenever she talked she really helped me. I knew that she was always there for me!


Coaching with Leah helped create a plan to reach my goals. I went from zero dollars in my savings account to saving $6,000 in 5 months! I had never been able to save money before and Leah helped me figure out how to have better spending and saving habits. I was able to use this money to move into a nicer neighborhood and improve the quality of life for me and my children. Coaching with Leah was a life changing experience!


Jeannie I participated in Leah’s coaching program and the peace I found in taking back control of my story has been priceless! Leah understands first hand the challenges survivors of abuse can face. She has made it her mission to help women regain their power through her therapeutic approach and commitment to empowering survivors with the information they need to break free for good and live their best life. The short and long term goals she helped me set are something I work towards every day, and have brought a renewed sense of hope and purpose to my life.